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Western Washington University

Washington, USA

Active Minds Changing Lives

Western Washington University is one of six public universities in the U.S. state of Washington. It is located in Bellingham, and is the northernmost university in the contiguous United States. WWU was founded as the state-funded New Whatcom Normal School in 1893, succeeding a private school of teaching for women. Its current president is Sabah Randhawa, the former provost of Oregon State University.

The Western Difference

Western is an academically rigorous institution that is neither too large, nor too small. A 15,000-student campus with classes that average 29 students and 160+ majors to choose from, Western provides the benefits of a small liberal arts college with the academic opportunities and campus resources you would expect from one of the largest universities in Washington.

Research, Design, Create

Take your learning to the next level. Work directly with renowned faculty on research that will change lives. Develop solutions, digital experiences and works of art that will open minds. See your ideas come alive and make a difference.

Intern, Study Abroad, Serve

Dive into your interests while getting real-world experience and personal satisfaction. Gain valuable experience and earn credit toward your degree with an internship, while traveling the world, or dedicating yourself to a good cause.

Quick Facts

WWU was founded as the state-funded New Whatcom Normal School in 1893, succeeding a private school of teaching for women.


Undergraduate / Graduate & Professional


Application / High School Transcript, College Transcript, Diploma / Passport / Financial Document / English Test Score / Essay / Letter of Recommendation / Resume

School Type
Tuition & Fees
11,771.65 per semester
Test Score
TOEFL 80 / IELTS 6.5
Accept. Rate / Min. GPA
83% / 3.5

Programs and Majors

  • Accounting
  • Economics/Accounting
    American Cultural Studies
  • American Cultural Studies
  • Anthropology — Archaeology Concentration, BA
  • Anthropology — Biocultural Concentration, BA
  • Anthropology — Elementary, BAE
  • Anthropology, BA
  • Anthropology/Social Studies, BA
  • Biology/Anthropology, BS
    Art and Art History
  • Art History, BA
  • Art Studio, BA
  • Art Studio, BFA
  • Art — Elementary, BAE
  • Art — P-12, BAE
  • BA Biology
  • BS Biology - General Emphasis
  • BS Biology - Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology Emphasis
  • BS Biology - Marine Emphasis
  • BS Biology - Molecular and Cell Emphasis
  • BS Biology - Secondary Teaching Emphasis
  • BS Biology/Anthropology
  • BA Biology/Anthropology
  • BS Biology/Mathematics
  • BAE Chemistry/Biology
    Canadian-American Studies
  • Canadian-American Studies, BA
  • Biochemistry, BS
  • Chemistry, BA
  • Chemistry, BS
    Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders, BA
    Communication Studies
  • Communication Studies, BA
    Computer Science
  • Computer Science, BS
  • Cybersecurity, BS
  • Mathematics/Computer Science, BS
    Decision Sciences
  • Business Administration — Management Information Systems Concentration, BA
  • Business Administration — Operations Management Concentration, BA
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, BS
    East Asian Studies
  • East Asian Studies, BA
  • Economics, BA
  • Economics/Accounting, BA
  • Economics/Environmental Studies, BA
  • Economics/Mathematics, BA
  • Economics/Political Science, BA
  • Economics/Social Studies, BA
  • Financial Economics, BA
  • Politics/Philosophy/Economics, BA
    Elementary Education
  • Early Childhood Education P-3 Option, BAE
  • Early Childhood Education P-3 with Elementary Education Option, BAE
  • Early Childhood Education — Non Certification, BAE
  • Language, Literacy, and Cultural Studies, BAE
    Energy Studies
  • Business and Sustainability — Energy Studies Concentration, BA
  • Energy Policy and Management, BA
    Engineering and Design
  • Electrical Engineering, BS
  • Industrial Design, BS
  • Industrial Technology — Vehicle Design, BS
  • Manufacturing Engineering, BS
  • Plastics and Composites Engineering, BS
  • English — Creative Writing Emphasis, BA
  • English — Creative Writing Emphasis, BA, with Teaching Endorsement Option
  • English — Literature Emphasis, BA
  • English — Literature Emphasis, BA, with Teaching Endorsement Option
    Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Science — Freshwater & Terrestrial Ecology Emphasis, BS
  • Environmental Science — Marine Science Emphasis, BS
  • Environmental Science — Toxicology Emphasis, BS
  • Environmental Science Extension Major, BS
  • Environmental Science, BS
  • Student/Faculty Designed, BS
    Environmental Studies
  • Business and Sustainability, BA
  • Economics/Environmental Studies, BA
  • Environmental Education, BA
  • Environmental Policy (Extension), BA
  • Environmental Policy, BA
  • Environmental Studies — Elementary, BAE
  • Environmental Studies, BA
  • Environmental Studies/Journalism, BA
  • Geography — Elementary, BAE
  • Geography, BA
  • Geography/Social Studies, BA
  • Student/Faculty Designed, BA
  • Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, BA
    Finance & Marketing
  • Business Administration — Finance Concentration, BA
  • Business Administration — Marketing Concentration, BA
  • Earth Science — Elementary, BAE
  • Earth Science — Secondary, BAE
  • Earth Science/General Science — Secondary, BAE
  • Geology, BA
  • Geology, BS
  • Geophysics, BS
    Health and Community Studies
  • Human Services, BA
  • Nursing (RN-to-BSN), BSN
    Health and Human Development
  • Community Health, BS
  • Kinesiology — Health and Fitness Specialist Specialization, BS
  • Kinesiology — Movement Studies Specialization, BS
  • Kinesiology — Pre-Healthcare Professions Specialization, BS
  • Kinesiology — Sport Psychology Specialization, BS
  • Physical Education and Health P-12, BAE
  • Recreation, BA
  • History — Elementary, BAE
  • History, BA
  • History/Social Studies, BA
  • Environmental Studies/Journalism, BA
  • Journalism — News/Editorial, BA
  • Journalism — Public Relations, BA
  • Journalism — Visual Journalism, BA
    Liberal Studies
  • Humanities — History of Culture Concentration, BA
  • Humanities — History of Culture Concentration, Thesis, BA
  • Humanities — Religion and Culture Concentration, BA
  • Humanities — Religion and Culture Concentration, Thesis, BA
  • Business Administration — General Concentration, BA
  • Business Administration — International Business Concentration, BA
  • Business Administration — Management Concentration, BA
  • Business and Sustainability — Energy Studies Concentration, BA
  • Business and Sustainability, BA
  • Applied Mathematics, BS
  • Biology/Mathematics, BS
  • Chemistry/Mathematics — Secondary, BAE
  • Economics/Mathematics, BA
  • Mathematics — Elementary, BAE
  • Mathematics — Secondary, BAE
  • Mathematics, BA
  • Mathematics, BS
  • Physics/Mathematics — Secondary, BAE
  • Statistics, BS
    Modern and Classical Languages
  • Chinese Language and Culture with Teaching Endorsement Option, BA
  • Chinese Language and Culture, BA
  • French with Teaching Endorsement Option, BA
  • French — Elementary, BAE
  • French, BA
  • French/German, BA
  • French/Spanish, BA
  • German with Teaching Endorsement Option, BA
  • German — Elementary, BAE
  • German, BA
  • German/Spanish, BA
  • Japanese with Teaching Endorsement Option, BA
  • Japanese, BA
  • Spanish with Teaching Endorsement Option, BA
  • Spanish — Elementary, BAE
  • Spanish, BA
  • Music Education P-12, BMus
  • Music — Composition Concentration, BMus
  • Music — History and Literature Concentration, BMus
  • Music — Performance Concentration, BMus
  • Music, BA
  • Philosophy, BA
  • Politics/Philosophy/Economics, BA
    Physics and Astronomy
  • Chemistry/Physics — Secondary, BAE
  • Physics, BS
    Political Science
  • Economics/Political Science, BA
  • Political Science, BA
  • Political Science/Social Studies, BA
  • Politics/Philosophy/Economics, BA
  • Behavioral Neuroscience, BS
  • Psychology, BS
  • Psychology: Human Development — Elementary, BAE
    Science Education
  • General Science — Elementary, BAE
  • General Science — Middle Level, BAE
  • General Science — Secondary, BAE
  • Sociology — Elementary, BAE
  • Sociology, BA
  • Sociology, BS
  • Sociology/Social Studies, BA
    Special Education and Education Leadership
  • Early Childhood Special Education P-3 and Early Childhood Education P-3 (Dual Endorsement), BAE
  • Early Childhood Special Education, BAE
  • Education for Inclusive Environments, BAE
  • Exceptionality and Disability, BAE
  • Special Education — P-12 and Elementary Education (Dual Endorsement), BAE
  • Special Education — P-12 plus Content Endorsement (Dual Endorsement), BAE
    Theatre and Dance
  • Dance, BA
  • Dance, BFA
  • Theatre, BA
  • Anthropology, Thesis, MA
  • Chemistry, Industry Internship, Non-Thesis, MS
  • Chemistry, Thesis, MS
    Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Clinical Doctorate in Audiology, AuD
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders Post-Baccalaureate Preparation Program
  • Speech-Language Pathology, Non-Thesis Option, MA
  • Speech-Language Pathology, Thesis Option, MA
    Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Clinical Doctorate in Audiology, AuD
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders Post-Baccalaureate Preparation Program
  • Speech-Language Pathology, Non-Thesis Option, MA
  • Speech-Language Pathology, Thesis Option, MA
    Computer Science
  • Computer Science, Non-Thesis, MS
    Elementary Education
  • Language and Literacy, Non-Thesis, MEd
  • Language and Literacy, Thesis, MEd
  • Creative Writing, MFA
  • English, Non-Thesis, MA
  • English, Thesis, MA
    Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Science, Marine and Estuarine Science (MES), Thesis, MS
  • Environmental Science, Thesis, MS
    Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Education, Non-Thesis, MEd
  • Environmental Education, Residency, Non-Thesis, MEd
  • Environmental Education, Thesis, MEd
  • Environmental Studies, MA
  • Geography Thesis, MS (In Moratorium)
  • Geology, Thesis, MS
    Health and Community Studies
  • Adult and Higher Education, Non-Thesis, MEd
  • Rehabilitation Counseling, Non-Thesis, MA
    Health and Human Development
  • Kinesiology, Exercise Science Option, Thesis, MS
  • Kinesiology, Sport and Exercise Psychology Option, Thesis, MS
  • Archives and Records Management Certificate Program
  • History, Archives and Records Management, Non-Thesis, MA
  • History, Archives and Records Management, Thesis, MA
  • History, Non-Thesis, MA
  • History, Thesis, MA
    Master of Business Administration
  • Business Administration, Accelerated, MBA (In Moratorium)
  • Business Administration, Daytime, MBA
  • Business Administration, Evening Part-Time, MBA
  • Business Administration, Managers and Professionals, MBA
  • Business Administration, Regular Full-Time, MBA (In Moratorium)
  • Mathematics, Non-Thesis, MS
  • Mathematics, Thesis, MS
  • Music, Thesis, MMus
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Non-Thesis, MS
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Thesis, MS
  • Psychology — Experimental, Thesis, MS
  • School Counselor, Non-Thesis, MEd
  • School Counselor, Thesis, Med
    Science Education
  • Natural Science/Science Education, Non-Thesis, MEd (In Moratorium)
  • Natural Science/Science Education, Thesis, MEd (In Moratorium)
    Secondary Education
  • Master in Education, MEd
  • Master in Teaching, Non-Thesis, MIT
    Special Education and Education Leadership
  • Educational Administration, With Comprehensive Assessment, Non-Thesis, MEd
  • Initial Administrator Certificate (Superintendent)
  • Residency Administrator Certificate (Principal)
  • Special Education, Non-Thesis, MEd (Endorsement Optional) (In Moratorium)
  • Special Education, Thesis, MEd (Endorsement Optional) (In Moratorium)