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University of Michigan – Flint

Michigan, USA

Arts, Knowledge, Truth

Founded in 1956 on a commitment to bring a quality Michigan education to Flint and the surrounding area, UM-Flint has done exactly what we set out to do. In the process, we’ve welcomed a record number of students into our classrooms, equipping them with the knowledge, experiences, and skills to make lasting contributions to the businesses, organizations, and communities they help shape.

Engaged Learning

UM-Flint students enjoy unique opportunities to engage in their communities while engaging their futures though field work, groundbreaking research, and community service.

Affordable Excellence

By offering an outstanding Michigan degree, UM-Flint is one of the best values in higher education in the state and across the nation. With affordable tuition and a wide range of financial aid options including scholarships, UM-Flint is committed to connecting more deserving students to a respected University of Michigan degree.

Strong Community Partnerships

UM-Flint is an integral part of the community we serve. We are committed to supporting the success of our region by collaborating with community and business leaders to transform today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders. These collaborations include our innovative educational partnerships that provide local high school students a clear pathway to university.

Quick Facts

The University of Michigan–Flint is rated as one of the best master's-level public universities in the Midwest by US News and World Report. The Princeton Review has included UM–Flint in the "Best in the Midwest" category in their publication 2014 Best Colleges: Region by Region. The Part-Time MBA Program is ranked 41st in the United States (overall) and 9th in the Midwest (by region). The Princeton Review has also included UM–Flint's School of Management in their The Best 301 Business Schools: 2010 Edition.


Undergraduate / Graduate & Professional


Application / High School Transcript, College Transcript, Diploma / Passport / Financial Document / English Test Score

School Type
Tuition & Fees
10,740 per semester
Test Score
TOEFL 61 / IELTS 5.5
Accept. Rate / Min. GPA
65% / 3.5

Programs and Majors

    College of Arts & Sciences
  • Actuarial Mathematics Program, BS
  • Africana Studies General Program, BA
  • Africana Studies Honors Program, BA
  • Anthropology General Program, BA
  • Anthropology Honors Program, BA
  • Applied Psychology Program, BS
  • Applied Science Program, BAS
  • Art and Design Program, BFA
  • Art History and Criticism Program, BA
  • Biochemistry Program, BS
  • Biology General Program, BS
  • Biology Honors Program, BS or BA
  • Biology Honors Program, BS
  • Chemistry General Program, BA
  • Chemistry Program, BS
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry Honors Program, BS
  • Communication General Program, BA
  • Communication Honors Program, BA
  • Computer Information Systems Program, BS
  • Computer Science General Program, BS
  • Computer Science Honors Program, BS
  • Dance General Program, BA
  • Energy and Sustainable Systems, BS
  • Engineering General Program, BSE
  • Engineering Honors Program, BSE
  • English Honors Program, BA
  • English Program with a Specialization in Linguistics, BA
  • English Program with a Specialization in Literature, BA
  • English Program with a Specialization in Writing, BA
  • Environmental Science and Planning General Program, BS
  • Environmental Science and Sustainability Program, BS
  • Fine Arts Program, BFA
  • French and International Studies Program, BA
  • French and Linguistics Program, BA
  • French General Program, BA
  • French Honors Program, BA
  • Geography, Planning and Environment Honors Program, BS
  • History General Program, BA
  • History Honors Program, BA
  • Human Biology Program, BA
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, BIS
  • Mathematics General Program, BA or BS
  • Mathematics Honors Program, BA or BS
  • Mechanical Engineering Program, BSE
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Program, BS
  • Music General Program, BA
  • Music Honors Program, BA or, BME
  • Music Performance Program, BM
  • Physics General Program, BA or BS
  • Physics Honors Program, BA
  • Psychology General Program, BA
  • Psychology Honors Program, BA or BS
  • Psychology Program, BA or BS
  • Social Sciences Joint Program, BA
  • Sociology Honors Program, BA
  • Spanish and International Studies Program, BA
  • Spanish and Linguistics Program, BA
  • Spanish General Program, BA
  • Spanish Honors Program, BA
  • Studio Art General Program, BFA
  • Theatre Design and Technology Honors Program, BS
  • Theatre Design and Technology Program, BS
  • Theatre General Program, BA
  • Theatre Honors Program, BA
  • Theatre Performance Program, BFA
  • Urban and Regional Planning General Program, BS
  • Visual Arts and Art History Honors Program, BA, BS or BFA
  • Visual Arts Education Program, BS
  • Visual Arts Honors Program, BA, BS or BFA
  • Visual Communication Program, BFA
  • Wildlife Biology Program, BS
    College of Health Sciences
  • Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology Program, BS
  • Health Care Administration Honors Program, BS
  • Health Care Administration Program, BS
  • Health Sciences Honors Program, BS
  • Health Sciences Program, BS
  • Public Health Honors Program, BS
  • Public Health Program, BS
  • Radiation Therapy Program, BS
  • Research Psychology Program, BS
  • Respiratory Therapy, BSRT
  • Substance Use Treatment and Intervention, BS
    School of Education & Human Services
  • Criminal Justice General Program, BA
  • Criminal Justice Honors Program, BA
  • Early Childhood Studies Program, BS
  • Earth Science Teacher's Certificate Program, BS
  • Elementary Education General Program, BS
  • Elementary Education Honors Program, BS
  • English Teacher's Certificate Program, BA
  • French Teacher's Certificate Program, BA
  • History Teacher's Certificate Program, BA
  • Integrated Science Teacher's Certificate Program, BS
  • Mathematics Teacher's Certificate Program, BA or BS
  • Music Education Program, BME
  • Philosophy General Program, BA
  • Philosophy Honors Program, BA
  • Philosophy of Neuroethics Program, BA
  • Philosophy Program with Emphasis in Ethics, Social and Political, BA
  • Physics Teacher's Certificate Program, BA
  • Political Science General Program, BA
  • Political Science Honors Program, BA
  • Public Administration 2+2 Program, BA
  • Public Administration General Program, BA
  • Public Administration Honors Program, BA
  • Social Studies Teacher's Certificate Program, BA
  • Social Work General Program, BSW
  • Spanish Teacher's Certificate Program, BA
    School of Management
  • Accounting
  • Business Honors Program, BBA
  • Business Program, BBA
  • Economics General Program, BA or BS
  • Economics Honors Program, BA or BS
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Finance, BBA
  • General Business
  • International Business
  • International Business Major
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management
    School of Nursing
  • Nursing Accelerated Second Degree Program, BSN
  • Nursing Honors Program, BSN
  • Nursing Program for Registered Nurses, BSN
  • Nursing Traditional Program, BSN
    College of Arts & Sciences
  • Applied Communication, MA
  • Arts Administration, MA
  • Biology, Master of Science
  • Biology, MS
  • Computer Science and Information Systems, MS
  • English Language and Literature, MA
  • Liberal Studies, MA
  • Liberal Studies/Business, Dual MA/Graduate Certificate
  • Mathematics, MA
  • Mechanical Engineering, MSE
  • Social Sciences, MA
    School of Management
  • Accounting, MSA
  • Administration of Nonprofit Agencies Concentration, MPA
  • Business Administration, MBA
  • Business Administration/Accounting, Dual MBA/MSA
  • Business Administration/Computer Science and Information Systems, Dual MBA/MS
  • Dual MBA and Master of Science in Accounting
  • Dual MBA and MS in Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Health Care Administration Concentration, MPA
  • Leadership and Organization Dynamics, MS
  • Public Administration, MPA
  • Public Administration General Program, MPA
  • Public Administration with a Concentration in Administration of Nonprofit Agencies, MPA
  • Public Administration with a Concentration in Criminal Justice Administration, MPA
  • Public Administration with a Concentration in Educational Administration, MPA
  • Public Administration with a Concentration in Health Care Administration, MPA
  • Public Health, Master in Public Health
  • Public Health, MPH
    School of Education & Human Services
  • Criminal Justice Administration Concentration, Master of Public Administration
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education Mathematics, Master of Arts
  • Early Childhood Education, MA
  • Education, Doctor of Education
  • Education, Ed.D
  • Education, Ed.S
  • Education, Education Specialist
  • Educational Administration Concentration, MPA
  • Educational Technology, MA
  • Health Education, MS
  • Inclusive Education, MA
  • Literacy Education, MA
  • Mathematics Education for Elementary and Early Childhood Educators, MA
  • Secondary Education Certification Program, MA
  • Special Education, MA
    College of Health Sciences
  • Anesthesia, DrAP
  • Anesthesia, MS
  • Anesthesia Practice/Business Administration, Dual DrAP/MBA
  • Dual Doctor of Anesthesia, DrAP and Master of Business Administration, MBA
  • Dual Doctor of Anesthesia Practice, DrAP and Master of Business Administration, MBA
  • Dual Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT and Master of Business Administration, MBA
  • Physical Therapy, Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D./Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT
  • Physical Therapy Post-Professional Transitional Program, DPT
  • Physical Therapy Professional Program, DPT
  • Physical Therapy Program, DPT
  • Physical Therapy/Master of Business Administration, Dual DPT/MBA
    School of Nursing
  • Dual Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP and Master of Business Administration, MBA
  • Nursing, DNP
  • Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing
  • Nursing, MSN and RN-MSN
  • Nursing, MSN
  • Nursing Practice/Business Administration, Dual DNP/MBA